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Maroon Town

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Maroon Town
Maroon Town from London and, whose name is taken from a remote upland community in Jamaica formed by escaped slaves, burst onto the scene in the late 80s with their pioneering fusion of rap, dub, breakbeat, jazz and funk.

From Brixton to Brazil, Manchester to Mumbai and Kingston England to Kingston Jamaica they have been hooking audiences worldwide for 30 years with their electrifying live performances.

Never shy of breaking new ground they secured the biggest ever sponsorship deal for an independent band when Dr Martens gave them 100,000 to record and tour, performed in prisons from Kazakhstan to Kingston, Jamaica and have recorded with local musicians and bands in countries such as Tajikistan and India.

Number one tracks, extensive radio play around the globe and Hollywood synced tracks include songs like “Fire”, “Pound to the Dollar”, “Cumbia Infernal”, “Ya Ya, Lemme Tell Dem”…

n March 2019 Maroon Town launched their latest album entitled ‘FREEDOM CALL’ on Brixton Records – 10 brand new tracks mixing high energy Jamaican ska and reggae with rap, latin, funk and soul, all, as usual, suffused with a potent message of peace and unity. 9pm.